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Today was a really good day.  I look forward to tomorrow.  Enjoy your life folks; it's not a dress rehearsal.
Happy New Year everyone.  Sorry for the delay, but the new year got off to a bang.  I am excited and I look forward to reaching the goals that I have set. How is everyone doing?  I hope RRR is ready because I'm ready to refresh, rebuild, and rejoice…
I received an invaluable lesson on life the other day.  It was from a veteran.  I want to personally thank all of the men and women who have protected our country.  May God continue to bless you.
There are some major changes going on at my job.  I'm not sure what it is, but I need my RRR family to keep me in their prayers.Thanks guys!
Honestly, this is really about maturity.  The inability to control your temper is all about being mature.  No offense.  Life is way too short.  Ditto, not worth it.  You did the right thing.
Well I have another job interview on Tuesday.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  I really need a job.
I get it now.  For years, I thought that people could make me happy.  In reality, happiness is within.  So stop hoping, praying, and expecting others to make you happy.  It may be great today, but when that person flips the script, how happy will yo…
I agree with you Germaine.  Words hurt, and can change a relationship.  I have learned to choose my words carefully, because words can’t be taken back, especially when you’re talking to a child.  When someone criticizes you, and it is not true, you…
The last year has been very hectic for me.  I look forward to meeting new people and collaborating on how to rebuild my life after divorce.  I stumbled upon this site, and hope to rebuild a much better person than I was before. Peace.
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