My Garden Of Eden - poem by Bettejane Brown

I read this poem and wanted to share this with our readers.



© Bettejane Brown

Published on February 21, 2016

I'm not a people person, as everyone knows;
It's in the garden where my energy flows.
I talk to the birds, I talk to the trees,
I talk to the ants, and at times even the bees.

My back yard is my Garden of Eden,
where God stays beside me, Him I believe in.
He shows me His love in the plants out there,
where everything's lovely and everything's fair.

We are told by the Bible our love we must share;
maybe my plants don't count, but they too care.
I water and trim them and tend to their needs;
they grow, they blossom, and give me seeds.

Now we do know all things in life go in a circle;
plants are like people, it's really God's cycle.
We are born, we grow, we produce and we die;
we all need much love, in both it does apply.

A yard contains grass, plants, and beautiful posies
accompanied with many weeds, so it isn't all rosy.
In comparison it's much like mankind - just think...
we have good ones, pretty ones, and some that stink.

So, people and gardens are so much alike;
some like social living, some like to be outside.
You take the parties, the chatter, and bickering;
I'm going outside, and with this I am sticking.

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