About Us

Refresh, Rebuild, Rejoice is the brainchild of women from different walks of life, experience, and backgrounds.  After discussing this journey called ‘life’ we decided to work together to build an organization focused on rebuilding lives, and finding the joy and peace you deserve.

The goal is to support and share life experiences, educate, mentor, and discover the new level of your destiny.  Refresh, Rebuild, Rejoice is a division of EBTD.org (501c3).  EBTD.org is committed to bridging the divide and building a better nation and world, one person at a time.

Disclaimer: Refresh, Rebuild, Rejoice is a support group. We may provide and share our experiences, opinions and information regarding a loss, divorce or breakup process, but Refresh, Rebuild, Rejoice does not provide professional legal, financial or mental health services or counseling. Please consult a licensed professional for any services you may need.